Abstract: A forward-looking update and retrospective critique of logistical and marketing constraints to sustainable systems for recycling agricultural plastics. From experience we have learned much about characteristics of likely markets for these difficult-to-recycle materials (which tend to be dirtier, often dark- or multi-colored, made with additives and a mix of resins, as well as expensive to collect), but advances in equipment, new approaches to processing, and changes in perceptions are turning some of the truisms of the past upside down. Increasing numbers of recyclers have the technical capacity and know-how to process agricultural plastics. Now the major constraints are the high cost to collect and transport from farms to markets, particularly outside of major agricultural hubs in Florida and California, and without the mandates to recycle common in European countries.

Levitan, Lois. December 2014. ppt slide presentation 11.5 Mb. Presented at the 2014 Plastics Symposium of the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center and the Pennsylvania Plastics Innovation & Research Center.