Devon offers free agricultural plastic waste disposal
Farms can accumulate huge amounts of plastic waste

Farms can accumulate huge amounts of plastic waste

Tuesday 16 February 2016 in News

Between fertiliser bags, silage wrap, crop cover films and pesticide containers, the amount of plastic used on farms is staggering. While the use of plastic film has made substantial contribution to agricultural development, it has also come with challenges – what to do with the plastic waste afterwards.

Since 2006, farmers have been required to dispose of waste responsibly or face a fine of up to £50,000 plus legal fees. Yet many still breach this requirement by illegally burning or burying the waste on-site.

Devon now has a free, compliant solution for farmers, thanks to Coastal Recycling’s new service, Coastal Agri. This service allows customers to drop-off a range of agricultural plastics at Coastal Recycling’s two resource recovery sites; Deep Moor in Torrington, and Kenbury Wood, near Exeter during the designated hours. A full paper trail can be provided along with a breakdown of the recycling by product. The plastics will then be processed and recycled.

Customers simply need to call the site beforehand to pre-arrange the drop-off. For the first drop off, they will need to register as a ‘lower tier waste carrier’, which is a simple and free online registration.

“This service has been well-received by farmers across the county, who will not only benefit from saving money on their waste disposal, but also meet their duty of care requirements by disposing of waste responsibly,” Business Development Director, Richard Marsh said; “It would be foolish for farmers to risk paying vast fines, when there is such an easy solution on their doorstep.”

As part of Coastal Recycling’s range of recycling and waste management services, they are also able to arrange an agricultural plastics collection directly from the farm. For more information, please visit or call 01392 826456.